We have opened free hosting for our affiliates


Added 20 free content sets (for SweetnWet)


Added FPA & HPA for SweetnWet


Added new version of content sets with 800 pixels for the long side (for CherryLera)


We have created "Our Features" section to list our main advantages and help you with the choice.

:: Experience.

Everyone at our team has many years of experience in adult industry. Our other program - Serious Coin - has been started at early 2003 and has become famous for very unique niche sites.
Experience helps us to make confident moves, adds more reliability to the program itself and to our relations with our affiliates. We are glad to share our experience with our valued affiliates. Also we like to learn from you!

:: Exclusive original pay sites

What makes pay site special and unique? At first you need good idea, then you need to shoot content which will make members stay longer. Finally, you need the tour for the site, which sells.
Here at Status Cash, we use our innovative mind to create new ideas, we have our own content studio to shoot the quality content in-house, and we cooperate with the professional designers to create perfect product.

:: 50-60% partnership

You get 50% split from all signups and rebills right from the registration. If you send more than 30 signups in any pay period ( 2 weeks), then you will upgraded to 60% lifetime program. Want more? Contact us and we will discuss this individually. Besides this, we have affiliate referring program, where you will get 10% of all monies, earned by your referral. Of course we pay them from our pockets as a bonus, not from the pocket of your referral.

:: Free hosted galleries

Free hosted stuff is very popular these days among traffic resources owners. Average webmaster, who owns some traffic resource, deals with hundreds of new free hosted galleries / sites daily. Besides creating the free hosted galleries themselves, we have set the goal to make the process of transiting the links to galleries from our to affiliate's site as simple as possible.
Today we may declare, that this goal has been achieved. We have created very convenient links generator for free hosted stuff. You may choose a few options to get custom links and finally you may export the links in any format you like - you specify the format! That said, we're not going to stay with the same version of exclusive links generator. We will make improvements and will be thankful for the feedback from our affiliates.

:: Cascading billing system

Using more than one billing solution is a must for every adult affiliate program these days. Creation of billings cascade adds more revenue (as a result of decline page sales) and more reliability (when there is no one primary billing, but a few which are rotated).
Besides a few billing solutions for credit cards, we use separate billing for the customers who pay by means of check. This choice adds more money to your revenue.

:: Various payment options

Status Cash supports the most popular affiliate payment options: You may choose to get checks directly from CCbill (including the ability to merge your affiliate account under the existing one to get one payout from all programs), but also you may want to get payouts from us by means of Epassporte transfers or wire transfers.
We recommend to use the option of paying directly from us, because you will be credited for sales from backup processor and check transactions (which are handled by different billing), also we will rotate billings on join pages to get the maximum possible revenue.

:: Promotional content

Promotional content is the first impression of the site, before the surfer even visits it. That's why it's important to make this first impression as pleasant as possible. Status Cash offers our affiliates exclusive-only and qualitative promotional content.

:: Marketing materials

Getting good conversions with the site you promote isn't solely about the quality of your traffic, but also about the targetting and creating effective advertising. Status Cash offers help to affiliates by means of marketing materials: banners of different sizes, full page ads, text advertising.

:: Top-notch support service

Although we're trying to keep things simple & clear, our affiliates may need prompt help from us. In this case they may contact us via email, instant messages services, web board. You don't need to wait the weekend would be over - you will get response in any of 7 week days. There're no weekends for us when we talk about affiliate support! Moreover, 99% of your requests are responded literally in minutes (at daytime), the small part, which requires some additional actions, will be responded with delay.

::Advanced tracking system

We use advanced affiliate ID tracking system to count all of your sales correctly. Our software uses double-proof tracking system, passing affiliate's ID via cookie + URL. If surfer has disabled cookies, your sale will be tracked correctly anyway. Besides this, our hits stats are real-time and all the unique hits you send are counted at full extent.